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Donald Trump’s plan for Executive Orders

@realDonaldTrump has revealed his plans for his first Executive Order as POTUS, to execute anyone killing a cop. pic.twitter.com/AYj5UVbONM — David Fry (@davidkfry) December 11, 2015 His understanding of executive orders is infantile. He assumes a power far greater than a President possesses. 2/5 — David Fry (@davidkfry) December 11, 2015 Juries convict, judges sentence. […]

The ‘Leftovers’ Fatty

Over the past few years I’ve been experimenting with a small side-by-side Charbroil smoker. It’s always been a challenge to keep the temperature consistent, but the taste of kiawe-smoked meat is always worth the effort. On the meat smoking forums at reddit, people kept talking about this thing called a ‘fatty’ which sounded entirely too […]

Bees in our garden

Our basil always attracts a bee swarm. Today, while weeding the garden, I noticed red dots on some of the bees. While I was initially worried it could be varroa destructor mites, friends on the internet have assured me it’s just red pollen. I feel lucky to have so many bees, considering how many places are suffering […]

Hui No’eau

The Hui has some of the more interesting outdoor exhibits you’ll find in upcountry Maui, as well as an art gallery inside the historic Kaluanui House.