These are the pictures I’ve taken lately, mostly from Maui

petunia, a very good medium-sized mixed breed dog wearing a red bandana


Petunia is 16 years old now, and still a very good girl.

A huge bulb of garlic next to a beer can for scale.

Garlic harvest

We’ve been growing a variety of garlic called Music, and this years bulbs reached a quarter pound in many cases.

unopened daphne blossoms

Daphne Odora

One of the first signs of spring is when these daphne odora blooms start emerging. In a few weeks these will open with an amazing fragrance.

hydroponics setup showing lettuce and mustard greens

New hydroponics setup

A yellowish pumpkin, about 16 inches long.

A Giant Pumpkin!

A ninebark bush with dark maroon leaves and small pink blossoms and larger white flowers


Barred Owl

New chicks!

Butterfly visiting a yacon flower

A Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) visits a yacon flower in our garden in Ha’iku, Maui. Photography by David Fry.

Garden spider