A huge bulb of garlic next to a beer can for scale.

Garlic harvest

We’ve been growing a variety of garlic called Music, and this years bulbs reached a quarter pound in many cases.

Bolete mushroom growing near a brick wall.

Birch Bolete

I didn’t need to go far to forage this porcini mushroom. Thanks to the birch trees in the front “yarden,” these birch boletes show up every fall.

hydroponics setup showing lettuce and mustard greens

New hydroponics setup

A yellowish pumpkin, about 16 inches long.

A Giant Pumpkin!

A ninebark bush with dark maroon leaves and small pink blossoms and larger white flowers


New chicks!

Butterfly visiting a yacon flower

A Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) visits a yacon flower in our garden in Ha’iku, Maui. Photography by David Fry.

Garden spider

Bees in our garden

Our basil always attracts a bee swarm. Today, while weeding the garden, I noticed red dots on some of the bees. While I was initially worried it could be varroa destructor mites, friends on the internet have assured me it’s just red pollen. I feel lucky to have so many bees, considering how many places are suffering colony collapse disorder. But in upcountry Maui, we are lucky to be surrounded by many other families with organic gardens and small farms that keep bees happy and healthy.